Monday, August 23, 2010

Back from Missouri

Hello friends!!
Last week we made the trip to Joplin, Missouri once again to look for a place to live. This time we took Kelsey along so she could get the feel of Missouri. I have to say that I enjoyed myself so much more this time than I did when we were there in January! It was very hot & humid there but nothing we haven't had here in PA. We had very early flights out & back. Here are a few pictures of our flight...
Shawn waiting for take off from Detroit, Michigan....
Kelsey & I....
While we were out there I made plans ahead of time to meet up with 2 awesome stampers, Lois Henderson & Vicki Burdick. We met one day for a late lunch at the Olive Garden and stayed 3 hours just having a great time!! Those ladies are the nicest & most funniest i've ever met!

The 2 pictures below are a sweet little gift the girls gave me. Ohh the handstamped tag was so cute!! Inside the basket was some very good cookies & a jar of homemade peach butter and the cutest little gingerbread man that i've added to my collection of gingerbread men!! I got the basket home in one piece and hated to open it because it was so pretty! Everything inside was so yummy!! The peach butter is just about all that's how good it was! Ladies, thank you so much, I love this!!! :)

After a few days of having a realtor dragging us all over the place we still have not made any decisions on a house in MO. I now have my eye on one that I seen the last nite we were there but was unable to do a showing on it. I have a feeling we'll be making another quick trip out there soon to view a few more places because Shawn only has 3 more weeks until he is suppose to start out there. We went to his job & met his boss and also got to see what they make out there. It was very interesting!
Well, i'm hoping to soon fiind my way back to my stamp table. I hear it calling my name! LOL Maybe tomorrow!!
For now I need to run to the store to grab a few things before the rain starts!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

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Carol L said...

I'm glad Kelsey got to go along with you this time and hopefully you'll all make the adjustment over time. How sweet of those ladies to meet with you and give you such a thoughtful gift too! I hope everything works out for the best for everyone!