Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Nothing to share today other than a picture or 2 of my Christmas Tree and to wish you all a very happy & blessed Christmas! We are off to Kirsten's today to spend the day with family. I love Christmas but this year i'm ready for the holiday hoopla to be over. Stressed, exhausted and ready for life to slow down some. Thru it all i'm trying to keep in mind the real reason for Christmas and cherish the time we have with our families. I could do without all the shopping & presents and just enjoy the day with our loved ones. This year we are missing our little angel in doggie heaven as it's been 7 months since we lost her.  Merry Christmas my sweet little Fluffy!


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JD said...

Merry Christmas, Wendy! Hope you have a very special day!