Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I just wanted to pop in and give an update.

My hubby was taken once again to the hospital with some complications from the Diverticulitis. He developed an abscess that needs to be watched closely.
He was re-admitted on Saturday and we've been taking things one day at a time.
Thru all of this his vitals have been good and he looks great! They are still pumping him with heavy duty antibiotics to get the infection under control and his white blood cell count is continuing to come down. The main goal here is to get everything healed and a few months down the road he will probably have surgery. The road is long and for him to rest is a key factor! 
Diverticulitis is nothing to fool around with as we are finding out. 

At this point & time i'm not sure when I will get back to any crafting. 
My focus right now is on getting him well.
If you wouldn't mind...please say a little prayer for him....

Thank you!



Cindy Linthicum said...

Praying for Shawn and you too. Hope the antibiotics help relieve the pain and get him feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Prayers are out their. Family 1st your crafter fans will always
be here.

Carol L said...

I'm so sorry Shawn and you have to go through this but know you're both in my thoughts and healing prayers and I hope this will soon be behind you so you can get on with (and enjoy) life! Take care, and thanks for the update! (((hugs)))

aussiekez said...

Prayers to your hubbie, may he heal quickly. Take the time to be with him and take the time for yourself. we'll be waiting.

Cherie said...

Keeping you both in my prayers.

Nan said...

We'll be praying, Wendy! Tell Shawn to rest and take it easy... we know you'll take good care of him. Lots of little doggy kisses help too!

Raquel said...

Praying for your husbands healing and for you and your family as well.