Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blue Bow Easter Bunnies

Hello & Happy Thursday!

Still fighting off the sinus thing today! Ughh and today it's a very rainy day here in PA but the temps are to get to 65! Wish I felt more like having the windows open to chase the cold germs out! Anyways, today I cancelled my stamp day with Deb. We've been getting together the last few Thursdays since she had the day off. Hated to cancel on her but with having this constant headache, runny nose and just plain old feeling blah, I did not feel up to stamping and throwing my misery on her. Hopefully soon we can get together again!

So, here I sit today with the box of tissues and 2 doggies over on the couch snoozing away! We keep getting downpours of rain which is better than SNOW so I will not complain! It's loud when it's pouring and hitting the roof. Calling for thunderstorms as well later today. The joy of spring!

I went thru all my Easter pictures this morning and got them all prepared for blog sharing so i'm going to share more of my Curvy Keepsake Easter Bunny Boxes that I made for a boy.

I just love all the cool things that you can create with the Curvy Keepsake Box Thinlit! It's amazing!
I picked up a pack of assorted Easter color Pom Poms at Michael's last week with a coupon. They just add so much to the box! Hope you like! Oh and when i get finished I will add my Bunny Tail picture to the post from the other day if you'd like to go check it out. These boxes definitely make for a cute little Easter gift filled with chocolate!

Well, that's all for me today!
Thanks for stopping by & have a great day!

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D'Ann said...

Your bunnies are super adorable! I meant to comment on them the other day but had to run to work. I love the addition of the bunny tails! Cute, cute, cute! P.S. I used the thinlits to make chicks this year but will make these bunnies next year! Oh heck, I'm off today maybe I won't wait until next year. :)