Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Featuring Sweet n Sassy's Rhubarb Bear

Hello & Happy Tuesday!

Hope your day went well! It was a gorgeous day here in PA today! I think we hit 70 degrees and it was so nice to hang laundry out and have the windows wide open! Certainly good for airing out all of Shawn's cold germs! LOL Fluffy & I spent a good part of the day outside in the backyard just taking in the sunshine. Hard to believe that a week and a half a ago we had 9 inches of snow in that same backyard! Crazy, I know, but home is home and i'm so thankful to be here again!

After pulling myself in from the outside I went down to my Stamp Cave as i'm nicknaming it! Men can have men caves so why can't I have a stamp cave??!! Anyways, I had a few more Candy Bar Wrappers to make for the upcoming craft show and wanted to use this new set from Sweet n Sassy Stamps on them.
I think they are too cute!!

Of course the one with Rhubarb holding the gingerbread is my absolute fav!! :)

Actually they are all my fav's!

Well, that's all for now!
I haven't felt real good in the tummy all day today so think I may just go relax and see if I can get it to settle.

Thanks for stopping by & have a good evening!


Unknown said...

Very cute wrappers! It's a double pleasure to get this sweet gift!

Vicki Burdick said...

Love these!!! Wish I could attend your craft show!!! Oh wait I am!!! LOL!!

Jenny said...

Wendy, I think these are absolutely adorable!!!!!