Sunday, April 1, 2012

What A Weekend!!!

Hello & Happy Sunday!

I'm back from a very fun weekend away at the local Girl Scout camp with a bunch of stamp girls. Friday nite I did not sleep very well. The camp was invaded with Stink Bugs and by the time I could not keep my eyes open....a flash went off and it boomed so loudly! Great, we were in the midst of a thunderstorm!
Saturday, we got up to get our day started and we had no hot water to shower. Deb & I ran to my house since we're pretty close by and showered and returned back to camp. I stamped my heart out and got SO much made for the craft show. It was a good day till my hubby text me and informed me that Fluffy had been throwing up since she returned from getting groomed. I got worried & upset and Deb insisted on taking me home. She rushed me home to find Fluffy running a fever and not seeming like herself. We packed her up and went to the Animal Emergency Hospital. By this time I was so exhausted and my emotions got the best of me. As Fluffy was being examined, xrayed & blood work, I went out to the car and just cried. I knew the news was not gonna be good as I have never seen her this sick before. 2 hours later Shawn & Kelsey came out with Fluffy. She was diagnosed with Pancreatitis (inflamation of the pancreas). She is in pain as her belly is swelled and not keeping anything in. They gave her injections of pain, antibiotics & anti nausea meds. Her liver is also in not too good of shape. She also got meds for that too. We got 5 different meds to take twice a day and there is no guarantee she will be ok. You can tell she's in pain....doesn't wanna move too much. She's been resting comfortably today thanks to her pain meds. On the bright side though, after giving her pancreas a rest from the food & water for 12 hours she did eat a good bit for us today! I made her some turkey burger & white rice to settle her belly that was suggested by the wonderful people at the Animal ER. It took awhile too but she has started drinking some water too. I'm still alittle concerned about her dehydrating. I think she is afraid to drink since she got so sick yesterday. Today was a new day and i'm still worried but yet praying she'll pull thru this. Shawn will make her an appt here at the local Vet and have her checked out again in a few days. I'm asking for lots of prayers for her.....

So, even though i'm feeling down I do have some good news!
Last week I had an email from Lesley from over at Always Playing With Paper and she asked me along with 2 other ladies to join her inaugural Merry Makers Design Team! I was so excited and jumped for joy! Of course I accepted her offer....I LOVE making Christmas cards! Tomorrow starts our first day and runs thru June so I hope you will all stop by her blog and join us every Monday for the Merry Monday Challenge! I can't wait!

Well, I need to go and Fluffy ready for another dose of meds. She has quite the cocktail of medicines to take from pain meds, 2 antibiotics, anti nausea, and liver support meds. Hopefully tomorrow she will start to feel better!

Thanks for stopping by & have a great day!
See you tomorrow for Merry Mondays!


JD/ Jill said...

My goodness! What an eventful weekend that you had. Hope Fluffy is feeling much better. Congratulations on being asked to be on a design team...

Wanda Cullen said...

Wow, you've had a mixed bag of things going on in your life this w/e! Congrats on the new DT! Sorry to hear about your fur baby...sure hope she feels better soon! We have tons of stink bugs in our area, too, and they are a real nuisance! Hopefully your week will be less eventful! Hugs!

Rose Ann said...

Oh my gosh, Wendy...I'm so sorry about your stressful weekend. I hope Fluffy is going to be okay. I will be praying for her. Hugs!!

Congrats on your good news too. You will be a perfect fit for the team!