Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Shawn's 2020 Masculine Calendar

Hello & Happy Tuesday!

I don't think we are off to a good start this morning as my hubby overslept and was running out the door. I got up to help him get on his way and stepped in doggy throw up. I really hope this is no indication of what our day is going to be like?! 
I'm not sure which dog got sick during the night because both of them seem fine this morning.

I got hubby on his way and cleaned up the doggy mess so that means I can now get my blog updated!
I have said many times in the last few weeks that I wanted to get a calendar made for Shawn for his desk at work. The company is pouring lots of money into updating a very run down building and the recent renovation on the offices were completed in November.

I will share the first 6 months today and then tomorrow share the rest.
This is what it looked like packaged up with all 12 months sitting behind the frame.
Once he gets it to work he can remove the ribbon and store the rest in a drawer until he needs them.

I used sentiments that have meaning to us.
 Hopefully it will make him smile when he reads them each month!
He has a deep love of cars so, of course, I had to include the Geared Up Garage!
He loves lighthouses and enjoys fishing.
We also love to ride our bikes which we don't get to do as often anymore.
He is definitely the best husband and is loved lots & lots!
Each month has a special meaning and I was happy to personalize it for him!
He said he loved it and will proudly display it on his desk! 

I won't list everything I used on these so if you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an email and i'll get back to you!

My thoughts today...

Thanks for stopping by & have a great day!


Mary Anne / MA54K said...

You told me you were worried he would not like it... Are you coo coo for cocoa puffs. This is amazing! Can't wait to see the other half.

LeAnne said...

This is so sweet...he will love each and every month! You're a good wife! NOW.....that is NOT the way to start anyone's day!!! Hopefully it will get better ( AND THE SUN WILL COME OUT!!!)

Janice M said...

Hopefully the rest of your day got better?? This calendar is awesome, he is sure to LOVE it! You could maybe repurpose the calendar pages and turn them into cards later too?? I seem to be doing lots of repurposing of items these days?! LOL

P.S. The emoji dies came with an embossing folder made by Sizzix. Think I got it at Hobby Lobby?

Vicki Burdick said...

What a way to start your day!!! I love the calendar months!! My fave is that fishing one, why have I never gotten that set??!!!

Carol L said...

My day started off on the wrong foot too, so it must be something in the air? Today was better, so it's all good ;) Love this first installment of calendars and they'll certainly dress up the office with a touch of home! My fav is the muscle car - my hubs and I are both into cars too :) NJ on each one!