Friday, February 25, 2011

Stylish Blogger Awards

Over the last few months I have been given 2 Stylish Blogger Awards in which i'm so proud & very grateful. With this award I have to share 8 things about here goes!

This first award was sent my way back in January from Wanda Cullen from Cullen-ary Creations
She has a wonderful blog and is just the sweetest person!

1) When I was a little girl I remember my parents taking me to get corective shoes made because my feet went inward when I walked. These were the ugliest shoes i've ever seen! By the time I started high school I no longer had to wear them. Thank God!

2) Vacation when I was little was in Ocean City, MD. I had always dreamed of living there one day!

3) At the age of 17 I had my first daughter, Kirsten. Being a teen parent is one of the hardest jobs ever! I think I grew up with her!

4) I worked at a local grocery store chain in the bakery. I learned how to bake & decorate cakes. Eventually, it became a passion!

5) My son Ryan, was born with Cerebral Palsy and has overcome many health conditions in his 24 years. Hershey Medical Center was our 2nd home for a long time. He was my sunshine of each day and I miss him now since he is still living back in Pennsylvania.

6) I worked at a cast iron foundry for a few years which was hard, sweaty and extremely dirty work. This is where I met Shawn!

7) After dating for a few months we got married July 21, 1990. We were married by the Justice of the Peace then had a reception for family and friends. A day I will always remember, my 2 kids were so cute and funny and we had so many loved ones there that are no longer with us.

8) 2 years after being married we found out we were having a baby! Kelsey was born prematurely and after 10 days she came home with a sleep apnea monitor. Talk about scary!

9) In 2001, my neighbor and best friend Deb invited me to a Stampin Up Workshop and the rest became history! I was hooked immediately and here I am 10 years later! I'm a stamping addict!

My next award was given to me from KnitMachineQueen (KMQ). I don't know her name but know she is a blog follower and leaves the nicest comments!

1) In April 1994 we bought our first house! Such a stressful time but I was so happy the day settlement came!

2) Nov. 1996 I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. I had surgery and remember it was election day and as I was waking up from surgery I seen Bill & Hillary Clinton on the TV celebrating their 2nd term in office.

3) I am a huge Bon Jovi fanatic! I have followed them since they came out in 1983 and have seen them in concert many times!

4) I hate to cook! Don't mind cleaning up or doing the dishes but hate to cook!

5) I use to be a NASCAR freak but not so much anymore. I still watch and root on my favorite driver, Mark Martin. We've been to Richmond a few times to watch them race and that's so awesome to see IRL!

6) Most people know this but after 44 years, I have never had a driver's license..nor do I care too!

7) After living in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania for 44 years, my hubby decided to take a job within the company he works for....sell our home of 16 1/2 years and move my daughter & I to Joplin, Missouri. After 5 months of being away I still get teary eyed when I think of my house and wonderful neighbors back home. It's been very difficult leaving behind everyone and everything that we've ever known but our wish is to be back in PA before Christmas. One can hope, right?

8) My hubby and I belong to a car club called Scikotics. It's a club for Scion owners. We have a 2010 Muraski (purple) XB named Winky! We have met many people thru the love of our car!

9) I love watching basketball and my favorite team is the Boston Celtics. I also enjoy watching softball. Hubby use to play with a team in York and we enjoyed that very much!

10) I love the Grinch and Gingerbreadmen!

So there you have it!
Now I need to pass this award off to 8 Stylish Bloggers..

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Thanks for stopping by & have a happy TGIF!


Wanda Cullen said...

Wendy, it was so much fun to read your biography in Reader's Digest condensed version! LOL! Thanks for your sweet comment and wish you the best with your goal of getting back to PA!

Jetstudio Designs said...

Thanks Wendy :) The bio was great...a bunch of stuff I didn't know.

Janice M said...

That was fun to read! Now to see what I can come up with, might take me a bit though.