Friday, December 16, 2011

Pine Cones 2011

Hello & Happy Friday!!

So happy to see that it is Friday already but the down side of it is that Shawn will be working all weekend. They have some kind of project going on that has been put off a few times now. Oh well, guess that means I will have time to get my gifts in order and finish those gift cards!

Anyways, today I am sharing my other 3 pine cones that I made for my stamp girls.
Take a look....

This one was made for Nan H.

This one was made for Deb K.

This one was made for Cinda D.

I'm excited to make more but probably won't be till the Christmas Hoopla is over!
Crunch time is now on! LOL

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing my Pine Cones!
Like I said yesterday, the girls loved them and so do I!!!

I'm off to get my Christmas cards addressed today and mailed out. I have waited way too long this year!
Thanks for stopping by & have a great day!!
Happy Holidays, friends!

1 comment:

Carol L said...

These are gorgeous and I wish I knew how to make them! I love the music paper!!
Thanks for the beautiful card :) I never thought to use the ornament punch that way :)