Monday, October 7, 2019

Halloween Table-Food Display

Hello & Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a nice weekend!

Saturday was so much fun and I loved having the girls over to stamp & catch up!
I had 2 calls yesterday from both my old neighbors and they both said how much fun they had and thanked me several times. That right there is why I do this! It's all about friendship and doing what we enjoy!

Today's post is going to be a rather long one because I am sharing some pictures of my World Cardmaking Day event. These will be of my food-table set up.
Now, I have to say that I forgot to take pictures of it when the food was actually out so these are afterwards.

This picture is the one wall in my downstairs that I usually just have a wreath on and I decided to decorate it for Halloween. My tanning bed usually sits here where the table is but my hubby moved it to the storage room for now. I picked up a mesh spider web at Hobby Lobby and used push pins to hang it on the wall. Next I put a string of purple lights throughout the web. Then I had to decide how to decorate the space.

This was my candy treat display.
The balloon actually glowed in the dark.
I found a pack of 5 of them at Walmart that comes with some sort of light inside them.
Sad part is, you cannot use hellum inside to blow them up so they did not float in the air.
I took all 5 balloons and randomly placed them around the room and when the lights were off they lit up! They were so stinkin cute and last about 24 hours.

You all know I have many Ceramic Christmas Trees.
I got an all white one out of storage and put orange bulbs in it. 
Not really the look I wanted but it served the purpose.
All my Halloween Ceramic Trees are upstairs in the living room where we can admire them 24/7.
The Spider Web stand I picked up at AC Moore and I sat my Fall colored cupcakes on there that I picked up at a local orchard/bakery. They did not have any Halloween ones yet.
The Spider Web table runner I also picked up at Hobby Lobby. I was originally going to place that on my stamp table but it was much to wide and did not give us much space to stamp.

Those balloons just made me smile!!

One day I was searching Pinterest looking for idea's for my Halloween/ World Cardmaking Day event. I came across a wreath fancied up for Halloween so I watched a tutorial by Angie Juda and made my own after picking up the foam wreath at Hobby Lobby.
The foam wreath was quite expensive there but if your looking to make one of these may I suggest you check out your local Dollar Tree. I found a bunch in the same size for $1.00 a piece!
Live & learn, right?

One Sunday afternoon we were downstairs watching football and our team was losing.
I popped over to my stamp table and started making rosettes to put on my wreath out of the same DSP I wrapped around my foam wreath. I had to learn how to make them again since it's been several years since I did so. I also have a Sizzix Rosette Die that I forgot I even had, so I did break that out and used after watching several tutorials on how to make them.

Then I had 2 picture frames that I picked up at Walmart to put pictures in.
I never got around to putting pictures in so I thought about decorating them for Halloween by using scraps of DSP and some extra diecuts that were in my stash. I placed a glue dot on the corner of each frame and put a Halloween bow on them but I noticed the bottom one was a Crushed Curry bow that must have fallen off. sigh...

It was fun and I tried my best to have a Halloween Spooktacular feel to my event.
I hope I accomplished that!
I had every Halloween decoration throughout the house lit even outside!

I made a fresh Nacho Dip and had a Veggie Tray that consisted of fresh cauliflower, carrots & yellow bell peppers that I sliced up. I was going with a candy corn theme by using those colors. I made a veggie dip that everyone loved!
 All in all I think it turned out quite nice and I know the ladies all had a fun time! 
They left with smiles and a bag full of goodies!
And that right there is another reason I do what I do!!!

So, thank you for hanging in there with me if you made it this far!
Now I need to get my shower and get the day started! LOL
I slept late this morning since it's rainy & dreary out.
Been in my pj's since yesterday afternoon and it's time to get some real clothes on and get moving!

My thoughts today...

Sure is!

Thanks for stopping by & enjoy your day!
I'll see you all tomorrow!

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Mary Anne / MA54K said...

That is amazing! I guess I am getting too old to fuss quite that much, but I sure do enjoy seeing others do it! You rock!