Monday, June 6, 2011

Back in Joplin

Hello & Happy Monday!

It's been an emotional roller coaster since I last posted. We were on vacation back in PA when Joplin had an EF5 tornado rip thru the center of town. Our hearts were dampened somewhat while being home and wondering how things were in MO and worrying about Shawn's co-workers. Fighting thru all those emotions we made our way thru vacation and had a good time. Saturday, we headed back to Joplin to face whatever lied ahead. It was dark till we made it to town and didn't see anything. Sunday, we made our way out to grab groceries and what we saw was just heartbreaking! I took over 300 pictures and put half of them on Facebook. Seeing it on tv just doesn't do it justice...the magnitude is much worse. I could not fathom living thru that and the terror those people felt. I honestly don't know how anyone lived thru it. The destruction & devastation are beyond words. But thru the tragedy you can see hope as people are trying to get their lives back in order and all the help that has been made available to the victims has been awesome to see! I think Joplin will rise above this and be better than ever but it will take some time.....

So, today I was finishing up my checkbook & laundry and going thru some stamp stuff when I came across my June calendars and realized I never posted them on June 1st! With everything going on I totally forgot. My bad! Here they are....

Deb's Pure Innocence calendar I made for her. It was great seeing it hanging on her refrigerator while we were home!! :)

And then there is my Magnolia calendar which I just love! Well really I love them both! LOL

I guess i'd better get my butt in gear and get crack a lackin on my July one since July will be here before ya know it! Time is just flyin by!

Well, that's all I have for now!
Hubby will soon be in from work so I better get the salads made for supper!

Thanks for stopping by & have a great day!


Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Glad you are back safely and you sound like you are okay emotionally. When I say okay, I mean just okay. Hang in there. The calendars re so cute! I have not been creating lately as I am working on my DD's wedding stuff. I will soon, though.

Debbie said...

Welcome home..just take each day one at a time.. It does get better. I knew that what you saw on TV would in no way be like it is in person. So just take it easy

Anyway, just want you to know i Love the calendars

Carol L said...

Hi Wendy, I'm glad to see you made it back home safely! I can only imagine what Joplin looks like IRL, but thank goodness you and your family are OK.
I'm so glad we had the opportunity to meet while you were back in PA, and I sure enjoyed the brief time we spent together! BTW, your new photo looks very familiar, and that's a great smile you're wearing :)
TFS another great calendar page! They're all so pretty!!!
Take care!!

JD said...

I'm glad hear that you made it safely back home. So glad I had the opportunity to meet you while you were in PA.
Your calendars are adorable...

jimlynn said...

Glad you're back home safe and sound! Such terrible destruction there and I know alot of re-building for so many.
Love your little calendars! SO VERY CUTE!