Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween Test Tubes

Hello & Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Saturday we did our Ghost Tracks train ride. It was fun and something different!
Nothing scary at all which is how I like Halloween!
Here are just a few pictures of our Ghost Ride.

Shawn & I 

The Headless Conductor named Kenny!

Our Ghost Tracks Story Teller. She was dressed in olden day attire.

Our tickets

The story that was told on the Ghost Tracks was about the Civil War and the White House. Not sure if it was true or not but our story teller made it very interesting! Our train ride was sold out! They have many different train rides during the year. Some are educational and some are just to see the Fall Foliage. If you live locally you can check them out....

Yesterday was quite the dreary, rainy, windy day here in PA!
We hibernated in the family room most of the day with a log in the fireplace. It got quite chilly yesterday. I turned the heat on last evening to take the chill off. I even seen some places had snow yesterday! I'm SO NOT ready for that!

So, today I have one last project to share with you for Halloween. It is my last one for 2017.
I recently purchased a Paper Pumpkin Kit off of Ebay from September 2016 called Something Good to Eat. Here are the Halloween Test Tubes I made up.

I filled my test tubes with Orange Tic Tacs and put the cork stopper in. I tied the Halloween Night Baker's Twine around them and added my tag. All I stamped was the sentiment and these were completed! Wouldn't you know it, just last week I found Halloween Tic Tacs at my local Giant grocery store. I looked high & low mid September and never found them so I just used the Orange ones. Errrrr! These would have looked awesome with Halloween colored Tic Tacs in them, don't ya think?

My thoughts today....

This evening is the Red Lion Halloween Parade.
The weather is to be be windy & cool. A great way to gear up for Trick or Treat Night tomorrow!

That is all for me today!
I am headed downstairs to either work on finishing a card order or cleaning the family room.
Not sure which one I am feeling at the moment. I think I need a few more cups of coffee to get me started! LOL

Thanks for stopping by & have a terrific day!


Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Totally spooktacular, Wendy!

Carol L said...

Looks like your train ride was fun! Love those test tubes of candy, and if you found the Halloween tic-tacs, buy them and save them for next year! LOL You can always eat the orange ones and put the Halloween ones in those tubes too :) So glad you enjoyed a nice, relaxing weekend!

Janice M said...

That train ride looks like it was fun way to spend an afternoon! I don't like "scary" either. What a fun treat! Tic Tacs come in so many colors and flavors now?! Think the orange ones are still my favorite though. Have a great week!