Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thoughts & Prayers for Joplin, MO

A few pictures to share that I found on Facebook:

Above: I think this is Dillon's Grocery Store where we shopped every week!

Above: Home Depot where Shawn shopped a lot for work

Above: Academy Sports Store

Above: The Walmart we shopped at on 15th & Rangeline

Above: Walmart on 15th & Rangeline

Above: 15th & Rangeline Walmart

Above: Joplin IHOP

This is not my usual kind of postings but I felt I should let you know that my family & I are well & safe! As most of my blog followers know, my family & I moved to Joplin, Missouri last October. My daughter & I went kicking & screaming because we really did not want to leave Pennyslvania but sometimes change is needed and I do think that the change did us alot of good!
Last Wednesday night we packed up and drove back to PA for a long vacation. We are having such a great time! Sunday I had my Thirty One party which turned out very well and the day couldn't have been going any better! Then I popped on Facebook and it all changed as I was talking to my Missouri friend, Vicki Burdick whom said they were getting tennis ball size hail and the tornado sirens were going off. I really did not think too much of it at that point because I think the thunderstorms out there are alittle more intense than here in PA. About 25 mins later Deb brought to my attention that something was going on in Joplin. We quickly turned on the Weather Channel and seen for our own eyes that a tornado just blew thru. Oh, the devestation that we saw, ughhh...it just made my stomach drop. Right away we were worried about our house in Joplin so we tried to contact our neighbor but got no answer so thankfully Vicki was kind enough to go check out our house and everything was ok. (Thanks again, Vicki!)

We have been glued to the tv ever since this happened and seeing all the places we shopped at or places we've been too that are no longer standing is overwhelming. Shawn's work took a good bit of damage and they will be out of work for quite some time. His one co worker lost his home and everything they had. The rest of his co workers have all been accounted for.

So now we are on the fence of...do we pack up and end our vacation early or do we continue on here in PA. It's so hard to wrap your mind around this tragedy especially since we live there. I thank God we were not there but yet I feel so badly for those folks that are dealing with the aftermath. I personally am not sure I can go back to that. Seeing the devestation on tv is one thing but having to see it in real life...will be another.

So I ask that you continue to send thoughts & prayers to the people of Joplin. Their lives may never be the same....


Mary Anne / MA54K said...

There are just no words. We are so glad you are safe, but it is certainly understandable how torn you are as far as staying or going. Thanks for the update, and Joplin is in our prayers. If I don't get to meet you Saturday, I will know what you decided.

Janice M said...

I can't imagine even imagine how you must feel! So glad you'll are safe and our thoughts and prayers are with you and the town of Joplin.

Debbie said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. And so glad that you are safe and sound. It will be hard to see it in "person" living in New York and at one time being able to see the Twin Towers it took weeks before I was able to step out onto my terrace because I would see the black smoke where they once stood. I was devastated, and would have weak knees and was emotionally drained every time i tried to step out. Like you said seeing it on TV is one thing, seeing it in person really takes it's toll. So take a deep breath, be strong and when you are able to go back try and brace yourself because what ever you expected will be different when you see it in person.

Just giving you a heads up as to emotions you will feel not trying to be a Debbie Downer just being honest As to what to expect when you and if you decide to go home.

Once again my prayer are with you and glad that you are safe and sound


Tammi said...

Good to hear from you Wendy, glad your all ok. It's amazing what those twisters can do in a short amount of time, so sad for all the people affected. Continued thoughts and prayers for you all. ~hugs

Carol L said...

As I mentioned in yesterday's post - there must have been angels watching over you, that you chose last week to return to PA! I'm so thankful that you're safe and that you haven't lost your home. Watching all of the complete devastation on TV is just difficult to watch, and I understand your being torn as to whether to stay here or return home. Whatever decision you make will be for the best, and like Mary Anne said, if I don't get to meet you on Saturday then I'll know you felt the need to return to Joplin. Take care my friend!!

Wanda Cullen said...

Been thinking about all the folks in that area and wondered if Vicki was OK. I guess she was if she drove out to check on your house. Hope she didn't have any damage where she lives. The destruction is unbelievable and am so thankful you were safe.

Linda Coughlin, the funkie junkie said...

Hi Wendy,

I just hoped onto your blog to look at some of your cards and saw your post. I'm so happy to hear that none of your family was injured and that you didn't lose your home! My heart and prayers go out to all those who live in the area.

My family had somewhat the same experience during Hurricane Andrew back in '92. We were away on vacation when it hit so we didn't have to live through the terror, but we did come home to find our home had been destroyed. We rebuilt but it took a year - felt like we lost a year of our lives. It's extremely hard to live in an area that has been decimated like that. I wish you all the best whatever you end up doing.

I also wanted to congratulate you on your Top Talent award at the OCC a couple of weeks back and apologize for not extending an invitation to guest design more promptly. No hurry - the offer is open so just contact me when you can to let me know when would be good for you to join us for a challenge.

Blessings & hugs,

JD said...

So glad to hear that you and your home are Okay. I will pray for you and the people in Joplin.

Rose Ann said...

Such devastation, Wendy. I'm glad to hear you're all okay, and have been praying for all of those affected.

Vicki B. said...

Wendy, I love you girl!!!!

JD said...

Wendy, So glad I had the opportunity to meet you today. Hope all goes well for you when you return home. I know it will be difficult.

jimlynn said...

So glad you and your family are safe. So much horrible destruction and my heart goes out to the entire city of Joplin.

I just found your blog through Carol over at Our Little Inspiration and love everything about it! Wonderful creations - and I've just become a follower!


Korin said...

Wow, Wendy. Prayers for all in Joplin and for you and your family as well. May God comfort all affected by this tragedy.

Denise Marzec said...

Oh my gosh, Wendy...I can't imagine what you're feeling. I'm so glad you were here visiting in PA, that your house is okay, and that you're all safe. Those pictures say it all...scary stuff. {{big big BIG hugs}}