Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Hello & Happy Sunday!

Just returned home from Easter dinner at my parents house with all 3 of my kids there. Both of my brothers had other plans so it was just us! My Mom did up a big ham with all the fixin's. We ate till we could not eat another bite then played Wii Bowling a bit, ya know to work off that big Easter meal! LOL Then she had the tables cleaned off and dessert already cut and served. OH MY Lord, am I ever stuffed! It was a rainy, dreary day here so of course all anyone felt like doing was napping after all the food! We had a great time!

It was hard leaving the house today and letting Gigi at home by herself. My Mom's dog, Puddles, is a Yorkie and he is total holy terror. They will not allow any of us to ever bring our dogs to their house as long as Puddles is there for fear he'd rip our dogs apart. He really does have a mean streak in him. I think alot of it is attention and being spoiled but maybe also it's his house, his territory! So, we left sweet little Gigi home alone today. We worried she would tear the house apart since we left her home alone. This is the first time she has been home alone since we rescued her 4 weeks ago. I'm happy to report she did beautifully while alone! No messes, nothing chewed apart, no mini blinds yanked down and no potty messes. We were pleased with her and rewarded her with a big walk at the park in the rain because afterall she deserved it! She's such a wonderful addition to my family and i'm so happy we rescued her!

So, before I close I wanted to share a few Easter cards I made. I did not make many because time got away from me but I really wanted to use this new SU single stamp called "Ears to You"!

 These bunnies are so fun! I also made a big basket full of Easter treats with these bunnies but I sold all of them and forgot to take a photo of them beforehand.

Well, that is all for me today!
I think I hear my bed calling me now.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with friends & family!
Thanks for stopping by!


Carol L said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your Easter with your family and had fun :)
Your cards are so cute with those adorable bunnies, and ever since I saw you use that cute stamp, I think I may have to order one for me :)

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

My stamp might arrive today! Fingers crossed. Love how you used it here. Hope you had a wonderful Easter. We were on the road all weekend, so sorry my wishes are late.

Bonnie said...

These are so fun in their bright colors!


Wonderful Easter and Happy Easter!
It is very beautiful and cute.
It is a "peace" is a gift from Japan.
Ryoma Sakamoto, Japan