Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Yummy Treats

Hello again!

Yup, this is my second post of today!
Yesterday I hurt my back...first in a while that I had a flare up!
I took a muscle relaxer and went to bed early last night. Today I feel much better but because of the muscle relaxer my butt is dragging! So I decided to take it easy today but I also wanted to whip up a quick treat for Kelsey, Ryan & Shawn to put out on the table for our Valentines Day supper.

Each bag has a bunch of candy and a couple bucks in for them to spend on themselves!
With Love, from Mom on Valentines Day!

I wish you all a sweet day with your loved ones!


1 comment:

Janice M said...

What yummy treats! I bet they loved them. Now I'd be wanting to save the tags and twine an recycle them again! LOL ;-)